Equity & Derivatives
Equity Market suits those clients who believes; ‘Higher the Risk, Higher the Returns’. For such clients we translate fundamental research into practical investment advice. The transparent online trading system of the NSE, BSE, MCX-SX and ASE, adopted by us enables the clients to get best value out of their investments.

Through investments in Derivative products, you can expect even higher returns. In addition to that we are also backed by an efficient back-office which provides all the information with regards to your dealings with us and also helps us in timely pay-in and pay-out.

Benefits at PRSSBL :-
  • Independent trading department with dedicated and NISM / NCFM certified professional team.
  • Transparent dealing with personalized guidance depending upon the risk acceptance level, investment horizon and financial goals of each client.
  • Own in-house research team equipped with various types of latest and leading research oriented softwares.
  • In-depth technical analysis, prepares charts and advises clients to get optimum returns on investments.
  • In-depth analysis on Put/Call options to hedge against investment for HNIs in Derivatives.
  • Constant updates of the market available.
  • Delivery of contract notes, bills and payments as well as collection of delivery slips, cheques, etc at your door step.
  • Digitally signed contract note available on our website.
  • Client ledger report available on our website with secured password.
Currency Derivatives
Currency Derivatives is one of the advanced financial instruments developed in India. It is used as a risk management tool to mitigate currency risk by various types of traders viz; Hedgers (importers and exporters), Speculators and Arbitrageurs depending upon their investment purpose and risk profile.

Currency Futures is available on four currency pairs viz. USD ($), EURO (€), Great Britain Pound (£) and Japanese Yen (¥). However, presently Currency Option is available only in USD ($).

Currency Rates are affected by various types of risk like Fundamental and Technical Factors (Economic Policy / GDP Figures / Central Bank Policy & its interventions / Economic Data of Various Countries / Import-Export Figures / Inflation Rates / Crude Oil Price Fluctuation / Global Stock Markets & Economic Indicators ) & Political Factors (Political Instability).

Benefits at PRSSBL :-
  • Independent Currency Derivatives Desk with dedicated NISM / NCFM certified professional team for providing personalized solutions.
  • Uniform Pricing for Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as corporates and banks irrespective of their size, nature of operationsor contract amount.
  • Resident Indians are permitted to participate (except FIIs & NRIs).
  • Traded in multiples of 1 lot = USD 1000.
  • Hassle Free Investment as less paperwork is required.
  • Flexibility in hedging / cancelling probable exposure during the year.
  • Bid-Ask spread is the lowest at 0.0025 INR.
  • Information about best 5 orders is available.
  • Price Transparency and Efficiency with the help of Hi-Tech Screen Trading System.
  • Elimination of Counter Party Credit Risk.
  • Own in-house research team equipped with various types of latest and leading research oriented software.
  • Constant updates of the market available.
  • Delivery of contract notes, bills and payments as well as collection of cheques, etc at your door step.
  • In-depth analysis on Put/Call options to hedge against investment for all types of investors.
  • Strong Online Back office and Customer Oriented Service.
It is our endeavor to provide the best available services to our client. Fulfill all their requirements, with regards to stocks and securities, at one destination without them having to approach number of places for different matters is one. Hence, along with broking activity, we are also providing services to them as a Depository Participant (DP) of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).
Benefits at PRSSBL :-
  • Independent Demat department with dedicated and NISM / NCDO / NCFM Certified professional team.
  • Online Help-desk and Online Branch network.
  • New Demat account application processed within Two working days.
  • Demat Request (DRF) processed and sent for dematerialization within Two working days.
  • Demat holding status available 24 X 7 – IVR System (Phone banking).
  • Consolidated holding report of all family accounts available with valuation report on website.
  • SPEED-e made available for delivering market / off-market instructions through internet.
  • Low Annual Maintenance Charge with Early Bird discount.
  • Very low and transparent transaction charges with discount schemes also available.
Insurance Repository
Insurance Repository is a concept wherein every insured person can hold their multiple insurance policies in electronic format in a single account. This account is called the e-Insurance Account (eIA). It will do away with all the lacunae of holding the insurance policies in physical form. It will also facilitate a common Know Your Client (KYC) for the eIA holder thereby eliminating the need to repeatedly do the KYC every time an insurance policy is purchased. The eIA will be a single point contact for the account holder to update the demographic details with various insurance companies from whom the policies are purchased.

In this regard, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) had granted us the Certificate of Registration to act as an Approved Person of the National Insurance-policy Repository (NIR) set up by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML).

Benefits at PRSSBL :-
  • Storage of policies in electronic format.
  • All insurance policies under one umbrella.
  • One time Know Your Client updation.
  • Single request contact details updation.
  • Premium alerts and payment for all insurers.
  • Ease in registering bank account details for premium payment and payouts.
  • Consolidated insurance statement on an annual basis.
  • Single view of all policies to an authorized person in case of death of the eIA holder.
  • One time claim intimation.
Internet Based Training
There is nothing more exhilarating, more daring and more rewarding than making the right trade at the right time. Welcome to our Internet trading platform which brings you a world class experience of online internet trading. Buying and Selling of shares is now just a click away.
Benefits at PRSSBL :-
  • Speed and Power of Broker’s terminal at your desktop.
  • Real time streaming quotes for Cash & Derivatives segments of NSE and BSE on one screen.
  • Mobile application made available for Internet Users.
  • Single screen order and trade entry.
  • Instant order and trade confirmation.
  • Digitally signed contract notes.
  • Excellent surveillance system for greater safety and security.
IPO & Book-Building
Many new companies come out with their Initial Public Offer (IPO) and existing companies bring out their public issues in order to raise additional capital from the market. During such public issues, we mobilize applications from various investors by acting as a sub-syndicate member.

Below mentioned statistics shows the amount of efforts we put in for the benefits of many small and big investors;

We are ranked among the top 15 sub-syndicate members of the country in terms of value as well as volume.Among the top 15 sub-syndicate members, we are ranked Second in Gujarat, as per 'PRIME' ranking.

Mutual Funds,Fixed Deposits & RBI Bonds
Bearing risk on the hard earned savings is not what everyone would do. So by investing in Mutual Funds many investors try to minimize risk and maximize return. Mutual Funds also offer liquidity, transparency and tax benefits to the investors.

We, through our in-depth study of the fundamentals of various schemes offered by mutual funds, along with our expertise and experience, provide you the analysed information on schemes necessary for decision making. Systematic Investment Plans of various fund houses are made available to the clients in order to marginalize the risk.

We also facilitate investments in various Bonds offered by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and also in Fixed Deposits brought out by various private as well as public sector companies for those investors who prefer to have a fixed return on their investments.

Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
The NCDs are one type of debenture instrument used by certain corporates to raise money from the public for a specific duration and pays fixed interest for the same. The investors are also able to generate fixed income from their investment. The risk factor of this instrument is also very low/moderate. On maturity the principal amount along with the accumulated interest amount is paid to the holder. Since these debentures are listed on the stock exchanges, the holder can also sell them like any equity share, prior to its maturity.

Any company willing to bring out an NCD has to get the same rated by a rating agency like; CRISIL, CARE, ICRA, and Fitch. These ratings show the safety level of an NCD, thereby helping the investors in deciding which NCD to be invested in. A higher rating would mean that the issuer has the ability to service its debts on time and carries low default risk.

With the kind of volatility the equity market has witnessed in the recent times, NCDs have emerged as one of the best solution that instills investors’ faith. It is a highly favored form of instrument for investment when the equity market is on a bearish run.

Following are some of the features of an NCD :
  • It is listed on the stock exchanges. Hence provides liquidity to the investor.
  • The tenure can be anywhere between 2 years and 15 years.
  • They are to be rated by a Rating agency.
  • Interest paying NCDs does not attract TDS.
  • Debentures are usually offered in four options; Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and Cumulative Interest.
  • Transacted in Dematerialised mode.
Tax Free Bonds
This product provides a good avenue for long term investment, especially for those interested in regular incomes. Like debentures, Bonds also form the part of Debt as an asset class, and both are quite similar in many ways. It is a fixed return investment with low/moderate risk involved. The fact that the bonds are generally issued by government backed entities helps in reducing the risk of default which in turn adds to the credit rating of the bonds.

With the dearth of options in this domain, these bonds have been many an investor’s favorite. It is more suitable and beneficial for high net-worth individuals and corporates looking for long term allocation. Further, it is more lucrative for those who fall in the highest income-tax bracket.

Following are some of the features of a Tax Free Bond :
  • Interest received on these bonds are fully exempt from income-tax.
  • Pre-tax yield on such Bonds are higher than normal Bank FD.
  • It is listed on the stock Exchanges. Hence provides liquidity to the investors.
  • Bonds are generally issued by government backed companies.
  • Tenure of between 10 years and 15 years.
  • Transacted in Dematerialised mode also.
Gold ETF
Out of the many precious metals, Gold is one of the most popular and most preferred investment option since decades. Even during uncertainties and various economic crises Gold has been considered to be more stable than any other asset class.

Purchase and storage of Gold in physical form has its share of liabilities and limitations like; its purity, applicability of making charges, tax liability, easy liquidity, safe storage, etc. However, by investing in a Gold ETF, one need not worry about any such issues.

Gold ETF is a financial product representing physical Gold. It is transacted in paper / electronic form only and can be stored in your regular Demat account. Since it is listed on the Stock Exchanges, it can be bought or sold from the stock market just like any equity share. Some of its important features are listed below for a lay man to understand the benefit of investing in Gold ETF;

  • Minimum lot size for purchase / sale is 1 unit i.e. 1 gram of gold.
  • Tax efficient way to hold Gold – No STT or Wealth Tax applicable.
  • Can be used as collaterals.
  • No entry / exit load charges.
  • Theft proof - transacted in electronic form.
  • Assurance of quality – backed by physical Gold holding of 0.995 purity.
  • Highly liquid – can be bought and sold on the Stock Exchange through a broker.
  • Transparent real time prices.
  • Excellent diversification for your portfolio.
Portfolio Advisory
As an investor, you are obviously looking for various options to maximize the returns based on your risk profile. A rational and disciplined approach is one of the options.

We at PRSSBL, based on your risk profile, understand your investment objective, rationalize it with our knowledge and advice your portfolio, such that you achieve optimum returns on your hard earned savings. We have our own in-house team of expert analysts who are equipped with various types of latest cutting edge technology and software. Extensive research is done for understanding the market scenario, analyze the companies, its objectives & performance and various other aspects on a daily basis, based on which our Team arrives at a cumulative report.

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