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Latent View Analytics Ltd
Registered Office:
Unit 6 7 & 8 Neville Tower,Ramanujan IT City Taramani, Chennai - 600113, Tamil Nadu, India.
Website :
Initial public offer of 30,489,362* equity shares of face value of Re. 1 each ("Equity Shares") of Latent View Analytics Limited (The "Company" or the "Issuer") for cash at a price of Rs. 197 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 196 per equity share) ("Offer Price") aggregating to Rs. 600.00* crores (The "Offer") comprising a fresh issue of 24,093,423* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 474.00* crores by the company (The "Fresh Issue") and an offer for sale of 6,395,939* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 126.00* crores by the selling shareholders (The "Offer for Sale") comprising 3,053,077* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 60.14* crores by Adugudi Viswanathan Venkatraman ("The Promoter Selling Shareholder"), 1,193,884* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 23.52* crores by Gopinath Koteeswaran, 1,776,652* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 35.00* crores by Ramesh Hariharan, 196,334* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 3.86* crores by Subramanian Ramachandran, 60,420* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 1.19* crores by Divya Balakrishnan, 58,268* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 1.14* crores by Rajkumar Kaliyaperumal, 37,316* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 0.73* crores by Priya Balakrishnan, 19,988* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 0.39* crores by Navin Loganathan (Gopinath Koteeswaran, Ramesh Hariharan, Subramanian Ramachandran, Divya Balakrishnan, Rajkumar Kaliyaperumal, Priya Balakrishnan, and Navin Loganathan together, referred to as the other selling shareholders, and together with the promoter selling shareholder, referred to as the "Selling Shareholders" and such equity shares, the "Offered Shares"). The offer constitutes 15.41* % of the post-offer paid-up equity share capital of the company. The offer included a reservation of 337,078* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 6.00* crores (constituting 0.17%* of the post-issue paid-up equity share capital), for subscription by eligible employees (The "Employee Reservation Portion"). The offer less the employee reservation portion is hereinafter referred to as "Net Offer". The offer and net offer constitutes 15.41%* and 15.24%*, respectively, of the post-issue paid-up equity share capital of the company. The company in consultation with the brlms, offered a discount of Rs. 19 of the issue price to eligible employees bidding in the employee reservation portion ("Employee Discount"). *Subject to finalisation of basis of allotment The face value of equity shares is Re. 1 each. The offer price is 197 times the face value of the equity shares. Bis can be made for a minimum of 76 eqity shares and multiples of 76 equity shares thereafter.
Opens On Closes On
10-Nov-21 12-Nov-21
Money Payable On
Application Allotment
197.00 0.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos : 76  Further Multiples of : 76
()(Cr.) Lead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost () 474.00 Axis Capital Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer () 600.00  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital () 19.78  
Issue Price () 197.00  
Funding Inorganic Growth Initiatives
Funding Working Capital Requirements of Latent View Analytics Corporation, the Material Subsidiary
Investment in the Subsidiaries to Augment their Capital base for future Growth
General Corporate Purposes
Promoted By
Adugudi Viswanathan Venkatrama
Pramadwathi Jandhyala
Listing At
Registrar to the Issue
Link Intime India Pvt Ltd